Face your fear, and do it anyway!

I so admire my children!  Both of our sons volunteer with multiple organizations, but this post is about my oldest, Tristan.  He told me the other day that he would be helping with a blood drive at school, and also donating blood.  We were chatting about the specifics, and he mentioned that he hoped that as an adult he would not fear needles anymore.

I had forgotten that he hates to get shots, and fears the needles in general.  I complimented him on being involved with the KAY club at school, but most importantly that he was facing his fear of needles, and giving a much needed donation of blood.

We talked more about fears in general, and I confessed that I am afraid quite often of stepping out of my comfort zone with my business.  Then I gave him my two cents worth of advice – face your fear, and do it anyway!   I gave him examples of how I had stepped way out of the comfort zone and it had paid off in the long run!

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do?  We all face a fear or two daily.  Hopefully you’re not letting it narrow down your life.  Needles, strangers, clowns (yes, really) open spaces, closed in spaces, public speaking….. whatever it is….take a step and face that fear.  Because when you do, you will have a new respect for yourself and next time will be that much easier!Myers 9648 bf

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