Love, Compassion, and Light… part 2

Buono 6368 webAs I alluded to in part 1, there is so much more to the story of Carolyn Buono’s life of service.  She is certified with the National Canine Crisis Response team with Abbey for doing disaster response.  Jasmine is working towards her certification.  Jasmine and Abbey are pictured here with Carolyn proudly wearing their work vests.

In times of extreme crisis, dogs have proven to aid the victims of tragedies and crimes.  Carolyn is certified with the National Canine Crisis Response Team with her golden, Abbey, for doing disaster response.  Another golden retriever, Jasmine, is now working toward her certification.

Carolyn is also associated with Extra Mile Ministries, K-9 Ministry and the Kansas District LCMS.  Extra Mile is a faith based approach to facing crisis, trauma, tragedy and disaster.  Carolyn has traveled many miles with her dogs to assist people experiencing tragedy and loss. With Extra Mile Ministry, she has gone to the National Conference of Parents of Murdered Children; plus the National Seminar of Tragedy Assistance program for Suicide Survivors with Abbey, Jasmine and Maximus.

Carolyn is one of those rare  people living the life of the quote by Patricia Schroeder, “You can’t wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time.  I admire her greatly for her compassionate heart and caring ways.  She sees every dog as someone’s family member, and works tirelessly to help several organizations and groups as an animal advocate here in Topeka.  She is indeed a special, loving lady!


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