Just how far should we push ourselves?

As you all know, my hubby and I have two sons, aged 17 and 13.  They are both Boy scouts and recently went to summer scout camp.  I visited for a day and a half, about my limit for camping!  The full day that I was there, it was the hottest day on record for this area this year so far, of course!  My younger son especially wanted to show me all around the camp, which included trekking up and down these hills with very little shade.  I am a person who gets red-faced a lot, and extreme heat turns me almost a shade of purple. See below, the purple shirt might have been a bad choice!   Now, I was well-hydrated and made sure to use sunscreen, but the red comes no matter what!

Yes, I am letting you see me like this to make a point.  I got to thinking – just how far should I push myself in this heat, and also how far should these boys be pushed to do physical activity for a full week in this heat?  There would be no cancellation of activities due to heat.

I think it is important to push yourself in all you do.  If you want to succeed, you must push yourself in order to achieve your best.  If you want the same results as last time, put in the same amount of effort.  In other words, if just okay is good enough for you, don’t bother to push yourself!  Just go along on your merry way doing whatever you feel and you will get ‘just okay’ results.  Pride goes a long way to help us succeed!

As I had mentioned earlier in a post, I am a little nervous at times putting myself out there with my photography and working to create a more full time business for myself.  I constantly am pushing myself to think of new ways to reach people and new ways to create interest in my photography.  It is such a personal, creative process.  If someone were to not love one of my images, it would crush me!  Every image has a little bit of my heart and soul in it, and I hope that love shows in all I do!  So, got a little side-tracked there – it’s just that I need to push sometimes to the limit to accomplish my goals!

Ultimately, you must think for yourselves and how to conduct your life.  I strongly suggest that you push yourself a little every day to achieve whatever it is that you wish for.  You will be glad you did!  Best wishes, and comment here to let me know how you push yourself!  Be back soon!  Carol

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