Shoot For The Moon!

You may not know this, but I teach beginning photography classes under the name Shoot For The Moon photography classes.  The name comes from the time when I was pondering doing this, and there was going to be an eclipse.  I saw someone post on facebook that they had tried to get good moon shots to no avail.  It kind of all fell together after that!  So, if you or someone you know would like to be better with your camera, or just not be afraid of it anymore, let me know!

I am going to be posting tips here off and on as well!  For my first tip, I will look at emotion.  Make sure that you have some kind of emotion getting factor in your image.  Don’t worry if your baby is crying but otherwise looks adorable in that dress!  You will be sure to get so many “Awwwwwwwws”!    Or, if you are passionate about animal rights (like me;)  )   get some shots of a poor puppy that you found in the park all alone and dirty.  Make sure to show them on facebook.  Sometimes, change only comes when we see the horror of the situation.

Personally, I love to photograph beauty more than anything.  I like to inspire love and joy with my work!  I hope you have enjoyed these tips!  Be sure to look back every so often and see what I am talking about next!


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