Flirt logo.pngHello!  Are you ready for the weekend?  Since I work a lot of weekends, I am not a TGIF kind of girl, but I look forward to most days.

I wanted to pop in here really quickly to tell you about Flirt, my new division of Memory Makers Photography.  It is Flirt, Boudoir by Carol.

I am so excited to get started with new sessions and clients.  I love to photograph boudoir of ladies, I feel it seriously is empowering and from personal experience, I know it makes you feel good!

I photograph mostly in your home, with your own clothing or lingerie, with your own things around you.  I also can do things outdoors, discreetly.  I say, “Fun, flirty images with just the right touch of heat” because that is what I believe my style is.

I believe in my client’s privacy so you won’t be seeing many images here or on my site.  I prefer to have a consultation meeting with a new client, show them sample albums and then answer questions and just get to know each other.  That just feels right!

So, give me a call, email or message me on facebook to get set up for a no cost consultation!  You can get all the info you need to get started on an amazing journey and end up with the most lovely images of yourself for you and anyone special to you!

Have a super weekend!




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