For The Love Of Horses

Meet my good friend, Penny, and her daughter Jessie with their horses: Wine Lover, Jake, and Dixie.  These two woman share many things, not the least of which is their love of horses.

I wanted to do a personal portrait project this summer, so I asked Penny if I could come to her home and photograph her with her horses.  She agreed.   Knowing that Jessie was moving soon, I suggested to Penny that we include Jess in our session.  It never seemed to work out time wise, so we went ahead and scheduled.  The night of our session came with fine weather.  I arrived and to my surprise Jess was there!  She said hello and asked what I was doing there with my camera.   I informed her that we were doing portraits of her and her mom with the horses…

As you can see we got some wonderful images that show their love of these graceful animals, and each other.  I’ll admit that after we were done and I was driving home, I couldn’t stop smiling and had a satisfied feeling for days.  Knowing that I captured these strong women – bonded by their love for each other, and sharing the passion for horses; gives me an incredible sense of accomplishment.  I just know that the miles that separate them now will fall away as they look at these portraits.  To know that this happened not by planning, but by luck…well that makes me think I need to be on the lookout for events like this more often.

If you use a camera, professionally or otherwise – keep your eyes and ears open to the little things in life that can pop up :  amazing serendipitous moments that will never come again.  I’m glad I was at Penny’s when it came!