Do you love technology…a little too much?

Hopefully you won’t take offense to this post!  I love my smart phone, and I’m even one of those strange people who only really uses it for a phone and to text!  You see I work from my office, which happens to be in my home, so I have access to my computer almost 24/7.

All I’m getting at is that even though your phone is great, and you can keep up to the minute on everything going on in the world….don’t miss what is going on right around you.  Is your dog wanting to cuddle?  Is your teenager telling you what happened today at school?  If so, are you subtly (or not so subtly) ignoring them in order to look at your phone?  Don’t even get me started on ignoring aging parents!

At the risk of sounding cheesy, this moment won’t happen again.  These times with those you love just won’t come around so often anymore…and you can bet you’ll miss it when they’re gone!

Take a photo together, and then put the phone down, even for 5 minutes.  Real life is way more precious than that sports score, or who is on Dr Oz today, or who wore what at the Emmy’s last night…