Thanks for noticing

I have never felt unappreciated in all the years that I have done rescue photography, I want to put that out there loud and clear!  I hear “Thank you for what you do!” so often.  The sentiment that makes me want to cry is “The animals really get adopted faster because of your images!” .    I cannot tell you how humbled I feel that I have a part in the amazing work that these rescue and shelter workers and volunteers perform.  I can’t imagine what it feels like to see the many scared and hurt animals that they must deal with on a daily basis.

What prompted this blog post, you might be wondering?  A lovely friend of mine, Kris Saia, presented me with a treasured gift the other day.  Yes, it made me cry…  she captured me in an amazing way, but also seemed to get in my heart and see the joy that I feel being with the animals, but also doing the work that I do.dsc_9541

I cherish meaningful gifts like this!  It will always make me smile when I pass by it, and also remember the many times and many people who noticed what I do and thank me.

Thank you, Kris, and thanks for noticing!

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