Kindness and Quiet

My mother Tillie was a kind, quiet woman.  I think she always felt that listening was what she should be doing….more so than talking.  My sister and I definitely used that feature of her personality a lot growing up and even well into our adulthood.

In today’s climate of unrest and the constant need to let everyone know our opinion on social media,  maybe we need to take a chapter from Tillie’s book.  More listening and less talking.  But….. I feel we need to try to hear each other as well, there is a difference between just listening and actually hearing the other person.

Last Saturday was the 5th anniversary of my mother’s death.  Hence the reason I am so nostalgic, I guess.  I can’t imagine what she would say about the state of our world these days….probably that there needs to be more kindness and listeners.  I for one vow to carry on her traditions, and try my best from now on to talk less, listen more and to be kind!

Below are two photos of Tillie, the left is from a few years before her death.  The right is Tillie at around 30.  Beautiful lady!

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