Love, love, love…..


All you need is love, that is all you need….  It is almost the month of love, February.  Got me to thinking about all the kinds of love there are.  When I was a small child, I would ask my mother “Who do you love more, me or Daddy?”  She would always patiently answer, “I love you both, but differently.”  I’ll admit that this answer never truly satisfied me.  I, of course, wanted her to say she loved me most in the world!

Above you see Vicki, and her daughter Beth.  You can just feel the love radiating out of this portrait.  Vicki lives here in town and Beth has moved pretty far away, but I wager that the miles fall away whenever they text, call or skype.  I am so blessed and honored to have been asked to photograph their whole family this day after Christmas.

Married love, love of a child, love of a friend or sibling….they’re all different but yet the same.  I feel that the more we love and have close, personal relationships the bigger our heart grows.  I think society sometimes get too caught up in everyone’s business of loving and who and what they’re loving.  Love is a personal ‘thing’ to be held close in and within your heart.  Who you love and what you love is your business, and only yours.

Go today and love someone.


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