Happy Spring Break, everyone!  I am one of the millions that has been hit with allergy symptoms here lately.  I tried to be stoic and not think about the itchiness and sneezing, and I gave it a good try.  Finally, after several weeks, I gave in and purchased a generic drug (said to compare to Claritin) from Target.

I opened the box, and was astonished that this rather small box was divided in half by a cardboard piece, and had a tiny bottle in it.  Then upon opening the bottle, again was astonished to see that the bottom of said tiny bottle was barely covered with tiny pills!

My point to all this is the excess!  The tiny pills are fine…which by the way, worked great!  Why on earth do they need to make the bottle much larger than necessary, and then pack it in a box, 2 1/2 times larger than necessary!  With our earth’s resources being depleted, and the high cost of everything (it seems!)  why not just make the darn bottle and box the appropriate size?

This got me to thinking…is this tiny pill in a bigger bottle in a larger box kind of a metaphor for our world?  The bigger the better, excess is fine….super size it!   I certainly can’t tell anyone what to do, but I think I will be remembering that tiny pill for a long time, and it will spur me on to find ways to counteract this ‘Make it Bigger’ mentality.

I feel better now…  Carol


DSC_1158 c

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