Leading Lines

Hello, there!  I thought it was time again to give you some basic photography tips.  Today, I will talk about leading lines.  Essentially, these are lines formed in your photograph that leads the eye in to the subject.

The black and white image of a woman and her beloved old dog shows the strong leading line of the fence coming in from the right.  The way they are lit from behind (technically) helps even more to show them as the main subject.  The little path is a secondary leading line.  bw old dog

The portrait of the couple below show a similar idea, as the lane leads in to them the main subject.  One other thing to note is that the background on that image is very soft, or out of focus.  That is another technique that pro photographers especially use to isolate their main subject.  The couple is even slightly soft and out of focus as they are secondary to the little chair and chalk board announcing the new baby coming soon.

Kelcie maternity

Have fun and play around with lines in your photos.  Lines are everywhere if you look hard enough.  Fences, buildings, the horizon….Curvy, straight, vertical and horizontal.  Anything goes!  Happy Tuesday and enjoy your day!              Carol

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