Tis’ the season of Love

Tis the season of love!  Any season is the season of love…love yourself!!!  One of the many reasons I love to photograph boudoir is that I truly believe that I can help empower women with boudoir photography.  I love to photograph women, and starting here lately, have been overjoyed with the boudoir session I have done.

We all have impressions of ourselves…whether good or bad.  We do the best we can to be gentle with others – our significant others, our children and co-workers; often though it is very hard to be gentle with ourselves.  Why is that?

I’ll admit I had a hard time years ago when our boys were small.  I tried to be the mother that my mother had been.  I soon learned that I needed to be the kind of mother I was meant to be…maybe not have a spotless house or perfect meals, but I got in the dirt and played with my boys and tried my best to nurture them every chance I got!  I had learned to be gentle with myself!

Here is a beautiful lady, who is a wonderful lady, inside and out.  She showed a certain vulnerability to me especially as we talked and got to know each other even more during our session.  In the end, she felt bolder and had gotten slightly out of her comfort zone, and loved her images!

I love these images, and think she looks perfectly herself.  Loving them all the way!

Remember to love yourself today!