Be Brave Enough To Take This Flight

Whoa, that’s a loaded title, isn’t it?  Conjures up all kinds of thoughts and scenarios for me.  I love to fly, getting there quicker is great to me.  I love speed, riding speed boats and motorcycles etc.  I bet most acquaintances of mine would be surprised to hear that!

The true topic here today is about a different type of flight for me. I will be taking a leap of faith, or a flight of faith as it were.  I am about to change my business up quite a bit and shake things up in the process.

I am officially launching my boudoir photography line – Flirt Boudoir by Carol , this week!  It has taken me many months, lots of pep talks and ages of planning and thinking to get going with this project.  Boudoir is a type of photography that not everyone gets.  To some it is too over the top, to others fantastic.  I love it, though, and love how it makes ladies feel when they see their finished portraits!

Empowering isn’t just a buzz word to me.  For a woman to take the leap and get out of her comfort zone to even have a boudoir session done, sometimes is huge!  I want to help ladies feel comfortable during the session and pleased afterwards when they see their finished products.  To me, that is plenty empowering for them!

In closing, I look at this little statue that my son gave me, and it reminds me that I have been and will be brave enough to take this flight.  I will not be worried what might happen or will people like what I do, etc!  I will do this, and it WILL be fantastic!


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