Big News!!!

Well….I’m taking a deep breath here now…. I have decided to lease a studio location again after 17 years of working from my home!!!  This has been such a journey!  The only career I’ve ever had was as a photographer.  I worked for many years before marriage, and then along came our first born, Tristan.  I planned to be a working mom, but when T was 2…I worked more than I saw my precious son.  I was in tears most days, missing him.  My husband and I discussed…and we decided that I would close my storefront location and work from home.  This arrangement has had it’s ups and downs, so fast forward 17 years.

Our sons are almost 20 and 15 1/2….needing me far less than before.  I am doing this move for me, and for them.  I believe that you can take care of your family and take care of yourself as well.

So…to end this, watch for many, many exciting offers and specials!  I plan to be there  by appointment only…but I will always be available by phone, text, email, facebook, Twitter and here of course.  Thanks for following and listening!!!