What is your definition of success?

Happy New Year!  Whew, I am maybe a tad late here on the 14th day of 2019….I had a fantastic fall and Christmas season, completing my first 6 months in the new studio.  On December 28th, my family and oh some 150 other people took off in Arrow buses for Florida!  We were part of the amazing Outback Bowl competition that Topeka West Charger Band participated in.  Tiring, but amazing!

My definition of success has changed over the years.  As a 20-something, I looked up to older photographers who seemed to always be busy.  That was success, having sessions booked every day of the week.  Busy was success!  It got muddy in my 30’s, I became a mom, worked less, and worried more.  How could I be a success, and not be working the business very much?

Coming full circle now – I have a studio location again after 18 years working from the house.  I had a fantastic first 6 months, and I do not work every day of the week.  Am I successful?  YOU BET!  To me, success is what you make it.  It isn’t a sales figure, or how full time you are, or how many sessions you do a year.  It is how I feel…I have created a good business in a new location, there is a buzz about my boudoir business, and I FEEL GOOD!!!  I am successful!

Here’s to all those out there struggling with identity in business…I wish you success.  Look deep and figure out what success is to you.  Then go for it!