The BFF Contest is back!

Be sure to contact me via email, phone, text, Facebook message any way you can!  This rescue is so great for our city, they help the dogs that are without a home…whether their owner can no longer take care of them, or a dog might be pulled from a shelter.  All dogs are in foster care, so they are settled and many times are being trained as they are in foster care.

This is a super opportunity to get your beloved pets photographed so that they can stay safe in your memory forever!  Thank you!

BFF contest flyer color 2019

Be brave enough to take this flight!

I don’t mind flying, really.  Sometime early into my adulthood, I discovered that I had all of a sudden developed a fear of heights.  Fast forward years later, our family was vacationing in Branson.  The kids wanted to go ziplining, and they wanted Mom to go too!  I said I would try but might chicken out!

I kept pushing and pushing myself, I climbed up an outdoor spiral staircase!  Eek!  I had my first flight…so far so good.  Each new flight was scary, but I kept at it.  Then came the rope bridge….oh my…..

All of a sudden, the trip was over, I was on the ground.  I was so proud of myself…it had been amazing to soar as only a bird can and feel the air rushing past!

I felt then that I could do anything, and at that moment made the decision to go ahead with my dream of opening a studio location again after 17 years…Also to specialize in boudoir photography at that location.

My son gave me this plaque to always remind me of our flight, and triumph.  I want to help others to soar, and take the risk of trying something scary, but oh so well worth it!  That is what I see the women who have a boudoir session come to realize.  Through the process, they can do something that is maybe a stretch out of their comfort zone, but afterwards the confidence emerges!  So awesome to see!IMAG1247