Be brave enough to take this flight!

I don’t mind flying, really.  Sometime early into my adulthood, I discovered that I had all of a sudden developed a fear of heights.  Fast forward years later, our family was vacationing in Branson.  The kids wanted to go ziplining, and they wanted Mom to go too!  I said I would try but might chicken out!

I kept pushing and pushing myself, I climbed up an outdoor spiral staircase!  Eek!  I had my first flight…so far so good.  Each new flight was scary, but I kept at it.  Then came the rope bridge….oh my…..

All of a sudden, the trip was over, I was on the ground.  I was so proud of myself…it had been amazing to soar as only a bird can and feel the air rushing past!

I felt then that I could do anything, and at that moment made the decision to go ahead with my dream of opening a studio location again after 17 years…Also to specialize in boudoir photography at that location.

My son gave me this plaque to always remind me of our flight, and triumph.  I want to help others to soar, and take the risk of trying something scary, but oh so well worth it!  That is what I see the women who have a boudoir session come to realize.  Through the process, they can do something that is maybe a stretch out of their comfort zone, but afterwards the confidence emerges!  So awesome to see!IMAG1247

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