Private NOT Hiding

Yes, that is a strange title for this post.  It occurred to me the other day that this is what I was thinking about when I split my Memory Makers Photography Facebook page into Memory Makers and Flirt Boudoir by Carol.  Much of my philosophy of boudoir is to empower and help women to see the light they bring to the world, and to not hide that light!  I do not want anyone to feel that I am hiding my boudoir images or that anyone should be embarrassed or ashamed to see them; worse yet ashamed of their feelings or their bodies.

For me, this was a business decision.  That is about where my ‘business’ mind ends.  My emotional self takes over, and I love doing all things boudoir!  Talking, planning, listening, feeling good helping others…I go with what every single individual lady feels at the moment…She wants to be the only person to see these images besides me – fine.  She wants only herself and partner to see them – that is your prerogative.  Then there are the ever increasing group of ladies who -after the shoot- say “I love these so much, you can show them all!”  Their feelings, emotions, and self-esteem are the most important things to me when I work with ladies!

If you desire to indulge yourself and have a boudoir session done, call or message me today, and we will meet to discuss all things boudoir.  You feelings and emotions will drive what we do and how we proceed!  Go for it!


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