Interesting blog post so far, wouldn’t you say?  I assume you know a few or many ladies who are courageous?  I am here today, well every day, to celebrate women.  In looking back at my recent images over the last few years, I got to thinking about courage, and it’s many forms.

The beauty to the upper right is my mother in her early adulthood.  She was a strong woman – twice cancer survivor, mother to 5, one of which she lost at 3 days old; she was a great one for sayings….you know ‘The early bird gets the worm”  that type.  Her saying that I try to live by most is “I’ll just take what comes ”  .  Her strength and courage helped  her thru 93 years on this earth.

Many of my ladies who come to me for boudoir sessions, are military wives.  Now this lady isn’t pictured here, but I have one recent lady in mind who works beyond full time, her hubby is deployed out of the country, and she has small children.  Her daily life must be so hectic, but she does it all with such courage.

My image at the bottom, is a sweet one and special to me.  You all know by now that I’m an animal lover…This lady brought her sweet old dog in for a session.  Unfortunately, we knew the dog was nearing the end of her life.  The courage to face the death of a loved one, and pets included…is some of the hardest courage to muster!  You can literally feel the hole in your heart…

Courage takes on my faces. I am here to lift up and praise all women with courage…small strides, nerves, illness, death….facing it all with courage is our daily task as a woman!  I will go out today and lift someone and hopefully make their task easier.  Peace.


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