This Guy


Okay, so you rarely ‘see’ me here….This is my husband Bill, and I, last fall while we were doing family portraits.

It occurred to me today that I wanted to celebrate my husband.  Now I know all the little things that I do to keep all the balls up in the air for our family…it got me to thinking that I bet he does a million little things too!

We met at Bill’s front door some 25 years ago.  He shook my hand in greeting, and my knees literally went weak.  We slowly became friends, dated…and then realized that this was the partner we had been looking for.  We will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary in September.

I am the social media person in our family.  Part of that is because I do it for business too.  So…I post about our children…a lot.  When I post about their accomplishments, I usually get the compliments.  Well, let me tell you, their dad was there every step of the way; in his own way.  Showing them by example how to be a kind, respectful man.  Being gentle with them after his own not-so-gentle upbringing…

Bill Myers, I celebrate you today for the funny, honest, silly, good, kind, decent, respectful, hunky, sweet, loving, wonderful man that you are.  There is no one that I would rather spend forever with than you.

B & C