What is your ‘why’?

There are many reasons to have a boudoir session done.

Starting the journey, first we talk.

The stories I have heard…ladies who have never  felt beautiful….ladies who have had breast cancer and need to get that sexy back after the long hard battle….ladies who have lost a good amount of weight and want to celebrate…brides to gift their soon to be spouse with an awesome gift…a gift for those married couples who know the long term commitment it takes to stay close for many years.  Perhaps the saddest ‘why’ story was having a ‘significant other’ who daily told this lady that she was ugly…She stood up to that person  – got out and did many things to heal.

One of which was have a boudoir session done.

Boudoir isn’t just a portrait session to get photos done.  It is a journey, an event,  a time period of a number of weeks where you pamper yourself, daydream of your fantasy or your reality and your ‘why’.  We do good work, and then you see the images of the best of you.  You feel the confidence soar, and know that you are strong, and that you can do anything.  Even things that  used to scare you.