“I’ve always wanted to do that!”

Let’s talk about goals, and bucket lists, and all that jazz.  I know a lot of you are moms with school aged kids, and believe me I know that those years seem endless, but they rush by too.

What have you always wanted to do, but never made the time, or had the courage to do?

When I talk to ladies about doing a boudoir session, the comment I hear most is “I’ve always wanted to do that!”….but…… insert many lines.

I think there comes a time when you realize that you have to do something for yourself.  I came to be a parent later than most, in my 30’s, and maybe that is why I started out taking time for myself right away, after the kids were born.  You need to take care of yourself, face it, You are the only one who will!

I am one of the only handful of boudoir photographers in Topeka, and one of the very few female boudoir photographers.  I have a studio set up in an office building.  It’s private, but public.  I offer phone or in person consults, so that you can get all questions answered, there is no obligation to book when you do a consult.  I feel like you will definitely want to book, but that’s just me, lol.

Whatever it is, large or small, do something for yourself today, something you’ve always thought about!  Take the time today!


I’m on a journey too!

Hello, and Happy Monday!  I just wanted to quickly share my new ‘journey’.  When I work with boudoir clients, so often we talk about our weight and our body image.  It is the #1 reason ladies don’t want to have a session experience!  I get that, but I also talk to them about how we should be comfortable in our own skin….and sometimes we need to go ahead and do the things we fear!  That makes it so worth it!

I have decided it is time to lose some weight.  I have made small attempts over the past 5 years or so, but nothing has worked or stuck.  I am still trying to come up with the best method to be accountable, but I think I am still tweaking.

I am firmly working on my health, first and foremost.  I know that excess weight works against us in many ways.  I am of the age where it all can start working against me, so it is very important to me to really start taking care of the excess weight.

Now, I am going to put this into ‘print’.  My goal is to lose 30 pounds, and as of now I am at around 3 pounds lost.  I am hoping that there will be a lot less of me this Christmas!  Feel free to encourage me!!!   I am not shy about sharing this, and I am constantly working with anyone, personally or professionally with my boudoir clients; to listen and help in any way they need.  I am a listening ear only, I am not an advice person…

Here’s to you and any journey that you might be on!  You’ve got this!!!