Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!!!

I value my clients, and in the end they become friends.  I strive from the beginning of my time with people to make them feel important, and valued.  I hope you feel valued and good every day!

My hubby and I just went to lunch.  We had a waitress who was young and cute, very chatty.  She was kind and concerned that we liked everything, and came back multiple times.  More on her later.

I know I’m in danger of seeming like a crabby elder, but I have seen a decline of thankfulness in our world.  Most anywhere you go to purchase something:   fast food, groceries, your prescription….whatever….I hear “Have a good one!”  While the sentiment is nice, that person who I just gave money to isn’t thanking me for my business.

While I can’t make the world do what I want..after all the world doesn’t work on my agenda….I can thank everyone who does anything for me.  Daily I receive love, gifts, compliments, business, prayers, friendship, on and on.  I am not always the best at thanking, definitely not the best at accepting compliments, but I am learning.

So…I sincerely want to simply say Thank You!  I am thankful for you all who read my words here.  I appreciate you calling me for a session and giving me the opportunity to get to know you and make awesome portraits of you.  Thank you for coming to see me, as I know there are so, so many choices these days!

Have a great day, thanks again!